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Harold and the Purple Crayon

People often ask me for suggestions of good books to read to young children. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I’m kind of a book snob. I believe that offering children great stories, told in rich language, with intriguing illustrations is the equivalent of providing them with delicious and nutritious food…and that many of the “written to teach a lesson by well-meaning adults” books out there are the equivalent of…potato chips and pop (soda, for those of you not from Western PA!).

Here’s a list of books from Devereux’s Center for Resilient Children that will have children chewing on issues of substance, while delighting their imaginations, too! Divided into the three elements of resilience- initiative, self-regulation and attachmentBooks to Read With Your Child is a wonderful list to take with you the next time you go to the library. Most will work well in classroom settings, as well as the home.

Want to know more about how to build resilience? Here’s a short overview of simple things we can do to build that bounce in our children: Tips and Strategies That Promote Resilience.

Spring forward with BOUNCE!


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