Imagination on the Move is a website, blog and resource page for teachers of young children affected by familial substance abuse. Although one in four children live with substance abuse, few resources are available for those who work directly with the youngest, and most vulnerable, of these children. 



Begun as a class assignment for doctoral level work in early childhood, I hope to fill a gap in early childhood professional development with Imagination on the Move. As a teacher, I have enjoyed decades of great training. Yet not one minute of this training focused on how to support children living with alcoholism and addiction. After hearing a moving presentation at Caron Treatment Center, I realized that I wanted to do something to help other teachers understand how this horrid disease affects children and families. I also hope to develop and share research-based practices that will support resilience in these young children, in the context of joyful play and their own wonderful stories.

A lifelong educator and advocate for child-centered and constructivist practices in early education, I teach early education and child development at the Community College of Allegheny County in Pittsburgh, PA. I hold an EdD in Early Childhood from Walden University; my dissertation was titled Happily Ever Resilient: A Content Analysis for Themes of Resilience in Fairytales. I also have a Masters in Education from Edinboro University and a B.A in Psychology from Allegheny College. I taught at the preschool, kindergarten, first and sixth grade levels, and ran the education program for adjudicated adolescents. In addition, I worked as a children’s librarian, a storyteller, and the author and publisher of a fairytale newsletter called Imagination On The Move, from which this latest project takes its name.

I live with my dog Rocky in western Pennsylvania where I teach, write, read fairytales, garden, and dig for rocks. This site is dedicated to my friend, soulmate and husband, Mike Hospodar, who taught me much about the family disease of alcoholism and addiction before losing his lifelong battle with it in 2012.

Resiliently yours,

Stephanie Goloway, EdD

Mike and Stephanie

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  1. Good luck with your research, Stephanie! This is an area that needs so much intervention. I was one of those kids you describe, heating up in the pot, dealing with substance abuse and conflict at home while trying desperately to be a “normal” kid at school with teachers and friends. With your wealth of teaching experience, your caring nature, and your impassioned focus, I know you’ll make a contribution in this area of study/intervention. All best to you!

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