About us...
Imagination On The Move is a website, blog, and resource page for teachers of young children affected by familial substance use. Although one in four children lives with substance use disorder, few resources are available for those who work directly with the youngest, and most vulnerable, of these children. 

As a teacher in public school, child care, and special education settings, I have enjoyed decades of great professional development. Yet not one minute of this training focused on how to support children living with alcoholism and addiction! After I heard  a moving presentation at Caron Treatment Center, I realized that I wanted to do something to help other teachers understand how this debilitating and stigmatized disease affects children and families.

My goal is to develop this website as a place where early educators can come for solid information on substance use disorder and resilience, which evidence shows is a powerful way to offset the impact of SUD. But, more than that, I want teachers to find engaging and accessible activities that will inspire their own creativity and empower them to be part of the solution, WITHOUT feeling like they have yet another task  to add to their daily classroom to do lists.

I am committed to developing and sharing research-based practices that will support resilience in all children, in the context of joyful play and developmentally appropriate curriculum that embraces fairytales and children’s own wonderful stories.

A lifelong educator and advocate for child-centered and constructivist practices in early education, I teach early education and child development at the Community College of Allegheny County in Pittsburgh, PA. I have a doctorate in Early Childhood from Walden University; my dissertation was titled Happily Ever Resilient: A Content Analysis for Themes of Resilience in Fairytales. 😁

I also have a Masters in Education from Edinboro University (where my thesis, written under the name Stephanie Templin,  was on fairytales!) and a B.A in Psychology from Allegheny College. I have taught at the preschool, kindergarten, first and sixth grade levels, and run the education program for adjudicated adolescents in residential treatment. I have also been a children’s librarian and a storyteller.

Throughout all of these experiences, I have explored the power of the imagination, Story, and play to help connect people with learning, and each other. In fact, Imagination On The Move gets its name from  a fairytale newsletter I wrote and published for parents and  teachers back in the 80s!

I live with my dog Rocky in western Pennsylvania. When I’m not teaching, I stay at a magical cottage on the shores of Lake Erie where I write, swim, and think about the stories that lake-polished shards of beach glass can tell.

This site is dedicated to my friend, soulmate and husband, Mike Hospodar, who taught me much about the family disease of alcoholism and addiction before losing his lifelong battle with it in 2012.

Resiliently yours,
Stephanie Goloway, EdD