Fairytale Magic in the Classroom

While the older children joined the search for the Dragon of SUD and thought of ways to tame him, the younger ones played. They drew his picture.  They told his story. They acted out how they would battle with him. They shaped him out of mud they found by the stream. And, they built towers out of rocks and sticks: THIS is where they could keep him, once he had been captured!

It’s one thing to know that resilience is important, but quite another to know how to nurture it in the busy early childhood classroom! Juggling standards, curriculum, routines, and children who just need a hug is a challenge! Fairytales to the rescue! Suggestions for ways to use these age-old tales to promote resilience while you are providing rich literacy experiences are  a click away!

This page is under construction! Come back soon to see what kind of extraordinary classroom magic is being woven behind the screen!