As the people struggled to tame or defeat or at least stay safe from the dragon, they turned to Story. At night, the elders would tell ancient tales of courage and  wit and strength, where adversity was always overcome, and there was always a happy ending.

It was these stories that made them believe that they would, indeed, be triumphant. This was especially true of the children, who were, after all, experts in making believe…

People have been telling stories from the beginning of time, and many of the fairytales children enjoy today have been around for thousands of years. What is it about these tales of magic that still holds such an appeal in the 21st century? Why do so many cultures from around the world have versions of Cinderella, and other popular tales?

The resources below will help you discover why fairytales are such a powerful way to share and develop resilience with young children…and all of us!



Reading and telling children fairytales in the early childhood classroom offers teachers a treasure trove of inspiration for rich curriculum ideas that support resilience, while challenging young children’s thinking and developing literacy skills.

Fairytales in the Classroom: Extraordinary Magic!

Fairytales and Oral Language

This is a wonderful article by ECE expert Joan Almon on the power of storytelling and fairytales for developing oral language.

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