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People have been telling stories from the beginning of time, and many of the fairytales children enjoy today have been around for thousands of years. What is it about these tales of magic that still holds such an appeal in the 21st century? Why do so many cultures from around the world have versions of Cinderella, and other popular tales?

Reading and telling children fairytales in the early childhood classroom offers teachers a treasure trove of inspiration for rich curriculum ideas that support resilience, while challenging young children’s thinking and developing literacy skills.

The resources below will help you discover the magic of fairytales for young children…and all of us!

Fairytales 101

But what ARE fairytales?  And why do they still enchant both children and adults in the 21st century? What about the violence, the sexism, the total lack of connection with our scientific world? Could these hurt our children? These resources explore the magic of these ancient tales.

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Fairytales and Resilience

When many of us think of fairytales, we think of the happily ever after endings. However, before those happy endings, our “lucky” heroes and heroines, they have had to overcome adversity: a fearsome dragon, or an fierce giant, or an impossible task.  This overcoming of adversity is the stuff of resilience. So…are fairytales about resilience???

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Fairytales in the Classroom

It is one thing to recognize the power of fairytales for children. But it’s quite another to figure out how to scaffold those princesses and knights and talking bears into meaningful curriculum that honors children’s interests while addressing literacy standards  AND: promoting resilience. Here are ideas to get you started.

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