Fairytales and Resilience

While many of the villagers were off plotting how to tame the Dragon of SUD,  two sisters searched the forest for nuts and berries to feed their friends. As  they filled  their baskets, they came across a strange little man, who said he was hungry.   

The sisters offered him what little food they had gathered, and after he had had his fill,  he  leaned forward.  “You are kind and generous children,” he said. “I may be able to help you on your quest…”

But no sooner had  the words left his  lips,  than a huge bird swooped down out of the sky  and grabbed his jacket with its talons!  “Wait, wait!” cried the sisters! 

When the bird flew fiercely on, the sisters leapt into the air and grabbed hold of the little man’s legs. “Don’t worry, good sir!” they cried. “We will not let this beast take you to its lair!”

And they held on with all their might, and did not let go until the bird, tired from the extra weight, dropped the little man and his brave saviors to the ground and flew away.

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