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Imagination On The Move


Nurturing the Magic of Resilience

With Story, Play and Make Believe

Young children living with trauma, including family substance use disorder (aka alcoholism and addiction) are vulnerable to many challenges. The good news is that early educators can offer joyful and playful experiences that build the brain's capacity for the protective factors of resilience.
Explore how to weave the magic of resilience into interactions and learning opportunities that benefit every child, while offering critical strength-based strategies to those most at risk, both now, and in the future.

Explore the Ordinary Magic of Resilience and How it Nurtures ALL Young Children, Especially Those Facing Adversity!

The Dragon of Substance Use Disorder

One in four children in the U.S. lives in a family affected by substance use disorder (SUD). The more early childhood educators know about the disease, the better we can meet ALL children’s needs…

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Ordinary Magic

Resilience has been called “ordinary magic.” This ability to bounce back from adversity – which develops in early childhood –  improves the chances of positive outcomes, no matter what kinds of challenges we encounter….

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Happily Ever Resilient

If resilience is “ordinary magic,” then fairytales can be “extraordinary magic!” Discover ways to nurture resilience with these age-old tales  while you are providing rich early literacy experiences for children!

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